Amanda Marie Lackey

Amanda Marie Lackey is an artist, creator, and loves living outside of the normal routines. She believes every day should begin with coffee, prayer and a whole lot of gratitude. Amanda built her photography business during her freshman year of college in 2008 after feeling stuck in the traditional college experience. She has documented 100+ weddings, editorial and non profit events since. One of the aspects she loves most about being an artist in her field is the endless opportunities to meet fellow artists and creators. In 2012, Amanda interned for Anthropologie as their display coordinator and gained inspiration, connections and even bigger dreams. Through social media, marketing and purposeful time, Amanda has expanded her business into wardrobe styling, visual directing, and social media managing for five different companies including her own, Amanda Marie Portraits & Styling. 

She loves the ability to connect others with what they love, and honing in on their talents to create something truly beautiful. At times, the juggling of it all can get a bit crazy, but she continues to live out her favorite go to motto... “Say yes and you’ll figure the rest out later.” 

Amanda and her husband Tyler are currently enjoying newlywed life living in downtown Fort Worth. They love to travel, play music and explore their city.