Everyone Has Talent

I’ve been thinking about the contrast of the pop-up venture entrepreneur and the pop-up panhandler.

I’m sure we could break the internet with comments on the differences.  

I believe one of the main differences is the entrepreneur, along the way, was inspired to follow a dream and believed he or she had the talent to add value and provide a product or service that others would enjoy.  

While the panhandler, somewhere along the way, lost hope, lost confidence, lost a safety net of support and ultimately forgot that they, too, have value and could use their talents to produce a service or product that others would enjoy.  

It has been my experience, that if we take the time to listen, invest, and begin to dream with those who feel stuck, trapped or even forgotten, we will find a treasure chest full of hidden talents and ideas.

I have been dreaming for some time of creating a venture like City:SHAPERS, one that will help an army of folks, in all walks of life, who have lost their way, or who are not using their talents but are stuck or becoming numb or, even worse, are beginning to believe the lies that they don’t add value to the room.  

We want to help as many people as possible uncover, dust off, get reacquainted with the talents and dreams that have been there all along, but perhaps just need a boost or an advocate to help bring these little rascals to the surface.

We are working very hard to create an avenue to fulfill the second part of our vision, which is to “mobilize and add support to as many dreamers as possible for the common good of the city.”   

In 2015, we plan on creating a City:SHAPERS TRIBE, one that is focused on helping others unbury their talents and use them for the good of the city.  

It’s starts with seeing the assets in others, rather than what they don’t have.  

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Joey Turner