The Vision Behind Our Pop-Up Socials

What is City:shapers and what exactly is a pop-up social?

Our first Pop-Up Social is Thursday March 26th from 7pm - 9pm at 

The Collective Brewing Project: 112 St Louis Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

I am so excited to tell you about our Pop-Up Socials.

Last October, I wrote about the heart behind City:SHAPERS.  If you haven't read that post, please consider taking the time to read it here.

Today, I want to share with you the heart behind our new Pop-Up Socials. 

A few years ago, I started getting calls from people I didn't even know, people who happened to hear about the vision behind BREWED.  They were inspired by the fact that eight people, who had no experience in the restaurant arena, decided to take the plunge and actually follow their dreams.

Time after time, the story was the same.  People would ask, "How in the world did you go from being a youth pastor to opening a place like BREWED?"  I often wondered if that was a compliment or not.

Most proceeded to say, "Ive been dreaming about opening a place with the same vibe and mission as BREWED for years, could you please help me out?"

Before long, I noticed I was spending 10 to 15 hours a week telling our story and consulting with people from all over.  When we first dreamed of opening a place like BREWED, I never imagined getting the chance to help others with their dreams.  I was truly in my element and loving every minute.

What followed was unexpected

I began having a hard time sleeping.  I started thinking about all the people I had met with and wondered if they actually had the skills and resources to pull it off AND be sustainable.

The reality is, it's hard work opening up a business or starting a non-profit.  There are some amazing rewards for sure, but honestly, I worried that some were just not equipped and that they could possibly destroy their own lives.  They were all very talented, but did they have all of the tools needed to be successful?  This question was keeping me up night after night.

One morning it hit me...

What if... I could be their advocate?

What if... others could be their advocates as well?

What if... there was a TRIBE of people who were eager to use their talents and skills to assist those who are just starting out?

What if... we created a TRIBE of both DREAMERS and talented ESTABLISHED folks, who were eager to jump in and lend a hand in areas such as: writing business plans, operations, leadership, management, providing funds and even one-on-one mentorships?

joey at city shapers-1.jpg

This is the vision behind City:SHAPERS

We want to inspire others to discover their gifting and use those talents for the common good of the city.

We also want to help provide dreamers with resources so they will have the best chance available to be sustainable for the long haul.

Our elevator pitch is simply this...

We want to "INSPIRE action, BLESS selflessly and EMPOWER sustainability."

In other words... City:SHAPERS' job is to help inspire dreamers and empower them with what we are calling City:SHAPERS "Partners." 

Our "Partners" are those who have found their niche and are eager to use their talents and wisdom to give back and help others fulfill their dreams.  

This is where the pop-up social comes in

The goals behind our Pop-Up Socials:

  1. Provide a fun environment to highlight our friend's dreams.
  2. Inspire others to dream big and join the journey.
  3. Be a catalyst for our dreamers to find the right resources to be successful.

We will be pulling this off by providing an amazing night filled with savvy people, awesome new vendors, and last but not least, we will have three ventures each giving 10-minute "Ted Talks."

The first speaker will be a "local hero" who is already established and using their talents to add value to the city. 

The following two speakers will be in the dream phase.  They will be sharing what they're just beginning or hoping to begin.  They're in the concept or start-up phase.

One goal in giving these talks is to inspire others AND to help organically connect dreamers with other local folks who have the tools and resources to make their dreams a successful reality. 

Local Vendors On Display for Your Enjoyment

As I mentioned, we will have several new local vendors there showing off their new products.

The event is FREE!! 

We are however, encouraging everyone to bring their wallet to proudly support all the local goodies we will have on display. 

I am so excited about our kick-off on the evening of March 26th!

Our first Fort Worth Pop-Up Social will be at the brand new Taproom of The Collective Brewing Project

Join us for one special night as we highlight our up and coming local heroes. 

See you on March 26th at 7pm.


Joey Turner