Pop-Up Social Countdown 1 Day Away!! - Hurley House

Meet Hurley House

The Hurley House is in the business of creating a magical experience for each guest. 
It's a purveyor of hospitality. 

They believe hospitably is creating space for others where they can enter in and allow change to occur.  Hurley House believes change happens in the context of community, and that community happens best when people feel a sense of home and comfort, even in the smallest details. 

So why do they sell amazing baked goods and cater parties? 

Because baking cookies and setting beautiful tables is the part of the vision they are able to execute well today.  They have dreams for more, and trust that their dreams and desires will become reality as they continue to serve others well. 

Joins us on March 26th at our Pop-Up Social to taste some of their amazing goodies and hear the heart behind the magic of the Hurley House experience. 


Thursday Night | Pop-Up Social | March 26th 7pm - 9pm
The Collective Brewing Project 112 St Louis Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104