My life imploded right before my very eyes

It's been over two years now since City:SHAPERS was truly making an impact in our community.

Things seemed to be going so well.  I was doing what I was made to do: helping others, basically stewarding peoples dreams.  I was truly in my element, thriving!

City:SHAPERS was gaining momentum, helping people in Fort Worth "Dream Big" and find new ways to add value to our city.  

We hosted Pop-Up Socials, created events like BREWED Fest, and were pushing out lots of inspiring stories of Local Heroes.  All with the desire to inspire and bring others together to collaborate for the common good of the city. 


The idea behind City:SHAPERS emerged out of my own struggle as an entrepreneur.  There have been many days where I’ve felt all alone and wondered if I could keep going.  Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy because you seem to always be charting new ground.  Honestly, some days I just want to curl up in a ball, quit, and find a job that allows me to zone out and become numb.   However, the joy of blending your passion and vocation together to make a living has been well worth fighting for.

The heart behind City:SHAPERS is simply to help those who are stuck get unstuck and to begin to thrive by using their talents and gifts to serve others for the common good of all.  We like to call these folks, "Local Heroes." They're living in their "sweet spot."


What happened next was unexpected.  

One minute I was helping people sort through their dreams and the next minute I found myself in the middle of a painful divorce. I wanted so badly to help others, but honestly I had nothing to give.  

My "City:SHAPING" was simply to take care of my kids and my soul.  

There was shame, guilt and lots of "what if's" surrounding me daily.  I found myself stuck, numb and just going through the motions.  I wondered if the cloud would ever subside. 


During this season, I had several "Local Heroes" surround me often, reminding me of my gifts and pointing out every time they saw them on display.  

During my dark days, I had forgotten; but they were there to remind me and point them out, just as I used to do for others.  It was so refreshing hearing them take the time to tell others what they saw in me.  It was like cool, running water on dry bones.  

We all need guides like this in life.  People who will encourage you.  Not cheesy general compliments, but intentional praise.  Reminders.  People who will pace with you and fight to remind you of your beauty.  

Thanks to the guides in my life and the God that I follow, I have found my way again.  I was cared for when I was hurting and stuck.  I was reminded that even when times are tough there is a King who loves you, forgives you, believes in you, AND who has shaped you to contribute and "add value" to others.  

Today, I am beaming with joy, restored and ready to help others.  My past has paved the way for a new chapter.  One that has wisdom from the past and a hope for the future.

I am proud to announce City:SHAPERS is BACK!  

Our goal is simply to help others!  

Our mission is to: HELP DREAMS THRIVE.  

We will be spending our time Encouraging, Equipping and Building a Healthy Community of Dreamers all working together to make our city and world a better place.  

Let the fun begin!

   Joey Turner                                                                                                                                   Professional Encourager