When an introvert walks into a large brewery filled with people she’s never met, everything inside of her wants to find a corner where she can hide or run away. But I had a purpose there. I was to bless those who had been inspired and to empower those who still dreamed.

My fellow introverts understand the practice and role-playing that takes place before a large gathering. “I just need one solid question to get a conversation going… but what should I ask?” Yes, we rehearse what to say ahead of time. Don’t judge. We’re intentional people who struggle with small talk.

What I forgot was how much I love to hear people’s stories… and how willing most people are to share them. After the first couple of introductions, I’d forgotten the designated question and just enjoyed learning about people’s lives.

I learned about how Emily had been in the Peace Corp before Googling “social enterprise Dallas” and connecting with Tribe Alive.

I learned how Timm and Katherine discovered their knack for hospitality, leading to the creation of Hurley House. To hear Timm tell it, “Katherine’s good at stuff, and I’m tall.” I wish that every woman had such a supportive husband.

I stood mesmerized at the Limited Time Only booth, taking in the beauty and creativity Jana and Lana were able to draw out of “junk”. Who else do you know who can make rusted scissors look decorative? Then I met Ella, Lana’s young daughter, who told me about her love of tiny things (like the fairy garden on display) and how she would love to have the upholstered horse head in her home someday. She likes horses and is learning to ride.

Pop up 24.jpg

The crowd had begun to thicken at the front of the brewery so I continued out the back door. The Collective Brewing Project has transformed a concrete loading dock into an outdoor patio with picnic tables and just enough room for a food truck. It’s brilliant really.

Pop up 9.jpg

I got in line to get some tacos from Taco Heads (the aforementioned food truck). Standing in front of me in line was Mike and his significant other. Mike is one of the founders of The Collective Brewing Project. While we waited for our names to be called and fresh tacos to be served, I told him and co-founder, Ryan, how cool I thought the loading dock area was. They weren’t as enthusiastic. When I commented on their lack of enthusiasm, they said, “We’ve got dreams for what this area could be.”

Ahhhh… dreams. I like dreams, so I asked for more details. Reluctant to share, they needed to be reminded that one of the purposes of City:SHAPERS is to help people live their dreams and to connect them to people who can make those dreams come true. “We want to put three 40-foot shipping containers back here.” As I listened to their vision for where they would place the containers and what they’d use them for, I could barely keep from grinning. My mom and step-dad own a shipping container business. Yes, really. I don’t know if the shipping containers in El Paso will ever find their way to Fort Worth, but the connection was a great reminder about how sharing ideas leads to the implementation of those ideas.

I ate my delicious tacos (carnitas with cilantro slaw!) and headed back inside to hear the Dream Box Talks. The crowd had grown so that it was impossible to walk through the building without touching someone (or multiple someones) on the way past. People stood shoulder to shoulder in the midst of conversation, holding a beer or a cup of coffee freshly poured by the baristas with Coffee: Experience. And it was loud! There was no music in the background, nothing but a brewery full of conversations and connections.


I literally ran into L-Train as I walked past his booth for UnderGround. It’s a cigar shop and lounge that smelled like my Uncle Harold… in a good way. My favorite quote from my conversation with L-Train:    “I turned a bad habit into a good business.” And judging from the number of people who made their way out to the loading dock with cigars in hand throughout the night, I believe him.

Three vendors gave Dream Box Talks. I don’t want to give away all of their stories because I want you to get to know them, so I’ll just summarize with three quotes, one from each vendor.

  • This is a picture of our first batch of beer.  It was awful.

  • We started making pretzels in our kitchen.
  • We’re trying to get our parents to drink something better than Folger’s coffee.

I stood next to the Coffee: Experience bar during the talks, drinking a glorious cup of decaf (without cream!) and bantering with Ashtin. Perhaps my favorite part of the night came after the talks were over and most of the vendors were closing down. I caught up with Ashtin eating a piece of Hurley House cake. As he ate, he told me about the dream to use his artistic abilities to start a non-profit that tells people’s stories and helps to meet their needs. I won’t give away too much. After all, it’s his dream to share.

I drove home inspired by dreamers and creative thinkers whose imaginations come to life and make our community a better place to be. They are City: Shapers.


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Tiffany Marshall
 City:SHAPERS Team Member




One Magical Night

We learned on March 26 that when you combine dreamers with talented individuals who have an interest in lending a hand for the common good, something magical occurs. 

There was a special buzz in the air that was more about listening and supporting, than positioning or selfish gain. 

One of the dreams at the heart of City:SHAPERS is helping cultivate a community or a tribe of dreamers and talented supports willing to help each other succeed.  This dream will find traction when others contribute, adding their talents to the group, which we believe creates a special bond to the whole community.  This bond was kick started on Thursday and was on display for all to see.  

pop-up 8.jpg

On behalf of the City:SHAPERS team, we thank you for contributing and adding value on this special night. 

This is only the beginning!  We have lots more coming your way in the next few months.  More Pop-Up Socials, more Local Hero highlights, workshops and a few dreams that are so crazy we don't have the courage to publicly share yet :) 

Joey Turner



Tonights The Big Night!!! Meet - Limited Time Only (L.T.O.)

Meet L.T.O.

Jana Clark, one of the co-owners of BREWED, and the lead designer of that beautiful space, is up to something new! 

She has gathering up a few other savvy designers, along with her talented son, to start Limited Time Only. (L.T.O.)

Jana, who was also an international buyer for Neiman Marcus for over 15 years, is in the early stages of creating a savvy shop that will showcase all of the amazing items her team seems to always find.   Their desire is to find a space or share a space in the Near South Side.

L.T.O. will be on hand tonight to share more about their dream and of course, they will be showing off a few of their latest finds.  

Thursday Night | Pop-Up Social | March 26th 7pm - 9pm
The Collective Brewing Project 112 St Louis Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Pop-Up Social Countdown 1 Day Away - Tribe Alive

Meet Tribe Alive

We can't wait for you to meet the amazing team behind Tribe Alive!

They utilizes a passion for fashion and responsible commerce as a platform to help alleviate poverty among women. Tribe Alive works with artisan partners all over the world to employ impoverished women at fair trade wages and give them access to a safe job, sustainable income and a chance to determine their own future.

Tribe Alive is a social enterprise interested in a business model that works toward social justice. Their success is measured by the positive social and economic impact they have on partners and the communities they live in.

Tribe Alive works with global non-profits to support artisan groups with professional development opportunities to increase their capacity in a sustainable way.

Every purchase made through Tribe Alive has a positive impact on a person’s life.

Join us on March 26th to meet their amazing team and shop through the spring line of products.  Trust me, bring your wallet!

Thursday Night | Pop-Up Social | March 26th 7pm - 9pm
The Collective Brewing Project 112 St Louis Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104




Pop-Up Social Countdown 1 Day Away!! - Hurley House

Meet Hurley House

The Hurley House is in the business of creating a magical experience for each guest. 
It's a purveyor of hospitality. 

They believe hospitably is creating space for others where they can enter in and allow change to occur.  Hurley House believes change happens in the context of community, and that community happens best when people feel a sense of home and comfort, even in the smallest details. 

So why do they sell amazing baked goods and cater parties? 

Because baking cookies and setting beautiful tables is the part of the vision they are able to execute well today.  They have dreams for more, and trust that their dreams and desires will become reality as they continue to serve others well. 

Joins us on March 26th at our Pop-Up Social to taste some of their amazing goodies and hear the heart behind the magic of the Hurley House experience.

Thursday Night | Pop-Up Social | March 26th 7pm - 9pm
The Collective Brewing Project 112 St Louis Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104