Jo Dufo | The Locksmith

Meet Jo Dufo

Dreamer, artist, life giver, healer, teacher and co-founder of Z.O.A.S Creative & Healing Arts.

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Every few years, we all come across someone who seems to live life to the fullest and without limitations.  They are special people and make everyone around them begin to dream again.  They are life givers and we all long to live life like them.

Jo Dufo is one of these special life givers.  She lives in the Near South Side of Fort Worth where she has her own in-house art studio with an open door policy.  Her home is often filled to the brim with people seeking to learn to live life to the fullest. 

Monday through Friday you will find Jo at Metro Opportunity High School, an alternative school in Fort Worth, where she teaches art.  

The pencils and paint brushes are instruments she uses to rediscover what's inside each student.  You see, Jo's really in the business of unlocking stories... reminding students that they're valuable and have lots to contribute. 

Life brings labels and limitations and often these labels are falsely placed on us by others.  Over time, we begin to believe these lies are facts and soon they start forming and shaping the way we see ourselves. 

Students at Metro Opportunity High School are on campus for various disciplinary reasons.   Jo says,

"Most students when they enter my room for the first time won't even pick up a pencil.  They refuse to interact and see it as a waste of time.  They are closed off and not willing to let anyone in." 

For Jo, this is a beautiful invitation to begin to create a "personal plan" to help each student begin their own journey, to rediscover their worth and gifting.



By the time students leave her classroom, most have a new perspective and a renewed view of themselves and their future.  They are set free and are able to make positive choices for themselves. 

It's almost as if the doors been kicked in with new opportunities! 

It only took a good locksmith to unlock the door. 

Jo Dufo, you truly are a City:SHAPER! 

-Look for Jo driving around Funky Town in her custom painted truck enjoying life to the fullest.

By Joey Turner